Baby Doll Pizza Case Study

Baby Doll Pizza
Portland Oregon

“Come find out why Baby Doll Pizza is the talk of the town.”

Baby Doll Pizza is a Pizza shop located in Portland that sells pizza and sandwiches as  well as beer and wine. I stumbled upon the shop through an article on titled “Cheap Eats 2017: Portland's 15 best inexpensive restaurants” and naturally being a pizza lover looked into Baby Doll Pizza .

The shop is owned by Travis Miranda who is from New York and studied at University of Oregon. Restaurant is named after his grandfather's  topless bar that was located New York years ago. The restaurant mainly is based off of making pizzas and a few options for sandwiches. There is only one location but they recently re renovated the shop to increase productivity closed down the shop for one week in February.

From an outside standpoint the company's value proposition is real New York style pizza. From a marketing perspective all I could really find out is there is tons of great reviews about the shop. I would say they are mainly advertised through word of mouth which leads to earned media. They do have a Facebook that has their entire menu as well as posting specials and what is going on with the shop. If I would change one thing I would possibly create a Instagram to help get some of their own photos out there.

One thing that really stood out to me that I thought was very unique and I have never heard of a restaurant doing this but they deliver beer and wine! I really feel like this is something that would cause people to choose their restaurant. Now I did not find prices or range on that but they have a whole page dedicated to it. Charity wise they teamed with Dollarfor a non profit charity that you donate $1 a month  and helps families in need and if you signed up they gave you a free beer and slice.

Overall Baby Doll looks like a friendly local pizzeria based out of Portland that has a humor of its like the owner not believing in pineapple on pizza. But mainly they do a great job with their social media accounts and make pizza look real good!


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