Baby Doll Pizza Case Study

Baby Doll Pizza Portland Oregon
“Come find out why Baby Doll Pizza is the talk of the town.”
Baby Doll Pizza is a Pizza shop located in Portland that sells pizza and sandwiches as  well as beer and wine. I stumbled upon the shop through an article on titled “Cheap Eats 2017: Portland's 15 best inexpensive restaurants” and naturally being a pizza lover looked into Baby Doll Pizza .
The shop is owned by Travis Miranda who is from New York and studied at University of Oregon. Restaurant is named after his grandfather's  topless bar that was located New York years ago. The restaurant mainly is based off of making pizzas and a few options for sandwiches. There is only one location but they recently re renovated the shop to increase productivity closed down the shop for one week in February.
From an outside standpoint the company's value proposition is real New York style pizza. From a marketing perspective all I could really find out is there is tons of great review…

"Amazon is giving an entire town free Prime memberships because marketing is out of control"
By: Nicole Gallick

     In this article Amazon gave a whole town in Massachusetts free Amazon Prime for a year because their newest Amazon Prime Movie Manchester by The Sea was shot in their town which brought in two Oscars. According to the article it is valued at $237,000 worth of subscriptions. The article also mentions that the generosity is also a ploy to get this town to use their purchasing services more often, which would bring Amazon more money.

      I think Amazon's idea to give all these people free memberships is genius. The reason I think that is one yes it does get more people using their 2 day shipping and buying more goods off their website, but it also give great promotion to the movie itself and brings more attention to the movie. Almost worth the $237,000 for the attention it brings Amazon.

   The value proposition to this is th…


What prompted you to enroll in this course? I am taking this class because I need it to fuffil my marketing aspect towards a business degree. I also plan on possibly perusing a marketing job someday.

Are you a business/marketing major? I am a business major, majoring in entrepreneurship so marketing will be a major part of my degree.

What are you most interested in learning about marketing? What I am most interested  to learn in this class is what kind of marketing works and what do not.

Tell us something you are passionate about outside of college. I currently spend most my time with my 1 year old dog training her and taking her on hikes. I also enjoy skiing and mountain biking on my breaks between school terms.